MIC Food’s Sustainable Practices

MIC Food Corporate Social Responsbility

MIC Food’s Sustainable Practices

At MIC Food, we never forget that we are stewards of the land and natural resources we utilize. We believe sustainability brings prosperity to the farmers, the suppliers, to our company and the world.

MIC Food’s goal is to deliver safe, high quality food, that are cost-effective and reliable. To do this, we partner with processing suppliers that meet our standards on a consistent basis. Our plant in Costa Rica is dedicated to processing peeled tuber vegetables such as plantains, yuca, pumpkin, corn and yam. Therefore we adhere to the highest quality standards and food safety in the market in faithful compliance to FSSC 22000 standards.

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Additionally, we aim to continuously improve upon our already strict standards through every step of harvesting, processing, packaging and shipping. We use socially responsible and environmentally friendly business practices to provide for the socioeconomic advancement of the community. Examples of this include:

• Eco-friendly planting systems

• Using mountain microorganisms to enhance and recover the fertility of the land

• Waste management

• Sustainable energy sources (such as solar panels, etc)

From the beginning, we have established unique and efficient operational standards in our procedures. Learn more about our corporate social responsibility at micfood.com/quality


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