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Full-Service Solution Partner for Frozen Value-Added Tropical Foods

With over 35 years of expertise forged through our privately-owned production plants and expansive production partner network, MIC Food Group is proud to grow, manufacture & deliver premium quality IQF Plantain, Sweet Potato, Cassava / Yuca and other frozen produce and specialties globally.

Our Commitment to Our Customers: Deliver Value, Convenience & Results

We are the strategic partner you need from grower to manufacturer to supply chain management

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Crafting Memorable Dining Experiences Across Segments

We go beyond food supply, crafting custom culinary experiences for diverse audiences. From bustling restaurants to serene healthcare facilities, we ensure quality and authenticity in every dish.

Join our mission to make each meal unforgettable and discover how we can make your menu a memorable journey for every customer.

Savor the Authenticity: Straight from the Source

Our products, including peeled, cut and formed options, offer natural, preservative-free ingredients for year-round culinary creativity.

A Trusted Supplier for Over 35 Years

MIC Food is a nationwide supplier and trusted leader in procurement, manufacturing, distributing, and marketing value-added ready-to-heat & serve frozen tropical fruits & vegetables catering to restaurants, retailers, in-store details, food manufacturers, private label brands, and much more!

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Our MIC Process Ensures Unparalleled Quality and Safety Standards

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Add Authenticity & Appeal To Your Menu

Here at MIC Food® we provide a variety of tropical fruits and vegetables that come peeled, cut, frozen, ready-to-heat and serve, saving you hours of prep time so you can focus on what matters the most: making every meal memorable.⁠

100% Natural

No added preservatives

Long Shelf Life

Frozen, Ready-to-Heat and serve

100% Yield

No food waste

Year-Round Availability

No seasonal sourcing issues