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Elevate Your Customer Menu Experience

Offering restaurants and caterers unmatched consistency, convenience, and quality in every frozen product. From fast-casual eateries to fine dining restaurants, we ensure every dish stands out, saving you time and maximizing your yield. Dive in to discover how our offerings can transform your menu.

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Who We Serve

Full-Service Restaurants: Elevate the dining experience with consistent and top-tier ingredients.

Quick Service & Fast-Casual Restaurants: Serve quality meals in minutes.

Midscale, Casual, & Fine Dining: Set your menu apart with unparalleled taste and consistency.

Bars & Taverns: Complement your beverages with premium eats.

Caterers: Impress every client, every time.

– Hotels, Resorts, Casinos: Give your guests a dining experience they won’t forget.

 Broad Line Distributors: Reliable sourcing for your vast clientele.

Why Choose Our Frozen Foods?

– Consistent Quality: Dependable taste your customers will come back for.

– Easy to Use: Pre-cut and pre-cooked, ready to heat & serve.
Convenience: Massive savings on prep time and labor costs.

– Year-Round Availability: Our key products aren’t bound by seasons.

– Long Shelf Life: Optimal storage means reduced food waste.

– 100% Yield: Every product maximized for your kitchen’s efficiency.

– Diverse Options: Cater to every palate with gluten-free, plant-based, kosher, and low-sodium options.

Culinary Guidance

Unlock the full potential of our products with insights and tips from our in-house Corporate Chef. Whether you’re crafting a new menu or want to elevate existing dishes, we’re here to guide you.

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Learn how you can elevate your service experience with consistent and top-tier ingredients

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Add Authenticity & Appeal To Your Menu

Here at MIC Food® we provide a variety of tropical fruits and vegetables that come peeled, cut, frozen, ready-to-heat and serve, saving you hours of prep time so you can focus on what matters the most: making every meal memorable.⁠

100% Natural

No added preservatives

Long Shelf Life

Frozen, Ready-to-Heat and serve

100% Yield

No food waste

Year-Round Availability

No seasonal sourcing issues