Celebrating Culinary Arts Month

MIC Food Chefs Roll Chef Mikel Anthony

Celebrating Culinary Arts Month

From delicate pastries to the freshest seafood dishes and spice combinations, chefs and cooks hone their skills daily to stay on the edge of culinary perfection. It’s no surprise there’s an entire month dedicated to honoring their achievements.


July is National Culinary Arts Month! This celebratory month promotes the awareness of professional cooks and chefs, as well as their contributions to the new culinary trends and the world of fine dining. And although we tend to celebrate culinary arts and our chefs every day of the year, today we are recognizing Chef Mikel Anthony, from Chef’s Roll Test Kitchen series.

Chef Mikel Anthony is the man behind so many of the incredible recipe videos you’ve seen on our Instagram, like his most recent creation: Boniato Ice Cream with Candied Pecans. The Puerto Rican chef can create anything from a taco to an elevated taco, with a fine French technique.  From a traditional Caldo de Pollo recipe to innovative Yuca-Shrimp Chips, Chef Mikel Anthony has wowed us time and time again with his skill, technique and creativity.

In honor of Culinary Arts Month, we put together a TOP 10 list of our favorite recipes Chef Mikel Anthony has created using our Big Banana® and Tio Jorge® products. Scroll through to watch the videos and get the recipes:


Prosciutto Wrapped Scallops and Steamed Yuca
With use of Pure & Simple® Steamed Yuca


Yuca-Shrimp Chips with Fruikake
With use of Tio Jorge® Peeled Yuca


Seared Foie Gras Burger with Yuca Fries
With use of Tio Jorge® Yuca Fries


Mole Pork Belly Taco with Plantain Strips
With use Tio Jorge® Plantain Strips


Yuca Crusted White Fish & Tomatillo
With use of Tio Jorge® Grated Yuca


Braised Goat Birria Tostones
With use of Tio Jorge® Hawaiian Tostones


Adobo Paksiw in Banana Leaves
With use of Tio Jorge® Banana Leaves


Plantain Flan
With use of Big Banana® Whole Plantain



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