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Versatile, tender, and crunchy, the green plantain is mashed and fried to form a crispy toston. Available in multiple presentations such as strips and cups.

iqf tropical fruits & vegetables

Traditional Tostones – Pre-cooked

Item Number: TJI020
Pack Size: 20 x 1 LB
Brand: Tio Jorge®

Hawaiian Tostones – Pre-cooked

Item Number: TJI029/TJI027
Pack Size: 7 x 2 LB
Brand: Tio Jorge®

Appetizer Toston Cups – Pre-cooked

Item Number: SB034
Pack Size: 12 x 12 OZ / 144 Per case
Brand: Big Banana®

Traditional Toston Bits & Pieces – Pre-cooked

Item Number: SB050
Pack Size: 8 x 2 LB
Brand: Big Banana®

Strips – Pre-cooked

Item Number: TJ014
Pack Size: 5 x 2.2 LB
Brand: Tio Jorge®

Green Plantain Chips

Item Number: SB016
Pack Size: 5 x 2.2 LB
Brand: Big Banana®

Mini Toston Cup

Item Number: SB023
Pack Size: 10 x 24 units
Brand: Big Banana®

MIC Large Toston Cups
Large Toston Cup

Item Number: TJ046
Pack Size: 6 x 12 units
Brand: Tio Jorge®


100% Yield

Long shelf life RED

Long Shelf-Life


No Preservatives

Plant Based Red

Plant Based


Gluten Free

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