Why We Love The Chef Show on Netflix

Why We Love The Chef Show on Netflix

Jon Favreau is back in kitchen but this time alongside his friend Chef Roy Choi. The Chef Show on Netflix has us dreaming about all those mouth-watering recipes we saw a few years back in the movie Chef.

For those who don’t remember, Chef is a film about a well-known chef working at a trendy Los Angeles restaurant who loses his job but is able to get his groove back serving “Cubanos” out of a food truck. It was here that we saw so many staples of Cuban food, including some of our favorite products like plantains and yuca.

The Chef Show gives us a behind the scenes look at how some of those main dishes in the movie Chef were prepared, with both Jon Favreau and Chef Roy Choi and hashing it out in the kitchen. Episode One dives deep into the that delicious grilled cheese from an earlier scene in the movie and ends with the infamous Cuban Sandwich that Chef Carl Casper served up in his food truck journey.

Because of our love for Latin cuisine, we wanted to share our own tropical version of the traditional Cuban Sandwich here:

Hawaiian Toston Mini Cuban Sandwich

MIC Food Toston Cuban Sandwich

Get the recipe here!


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