Latin Flavors for Thanksgiving—Tradition With a Twist

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Latin Flavors for Thanksgiving—Tradition With a Twist

Hispanics in the U.S. tend to bend the rules of Thanksgiving by adding their own “Latin twist.” Given the holiday’s food-based origin, most Latinos, whether new immigrants to the U.S. or multi-generational, observe the tradition of the holiday by serving the typical roasted turkey with all the trimmings. Most, however, find a way to add something from their culture to make the menu more exciting.

A Latin twist to your Thanksgiving meal can come in different ways, depending on where you are from. Some of my Cuban friends cook a leg of pork in addition to turkey, and add yuca, plantains, white rice and black beans to the must-have side dishes like green beans and sweet potatoes traditionally served in the U.S. Friends from further south in Latin America will add their Latin twist with side dishes and desserts from back home, like a torta de plátano (Venezuela), arroz con coco y pasas (Colombia) or a variation of flan, which can be found just about everywhere in Latin America.

At Thanksgiving in my home, we always make tia Vicky’s chorizo and plantain stuffing. It became a family favorite ever since our dear aunt joined us for Thanksgiving a few years ago. I love the combination of the spicy chorizo with the sweetness of the ripe plantain slices and corn bread. I’ve adopted her recipe and, now, I don’t dare show up without it. Everyone loves it!


Click here for some of these recipes and give your Thanksgiving a Latin twist this year.

– Cirabel Olson, VP Strategy & Marketing